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Our Story

Since our opening in 1965, the Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort has grown from a small, hidden oasis next to the Chocolate Mountains to a favorite hot springs destination for generations of patrons all over the world. Today, the Fountain of Youth is a top Southern California desert getaway, popular active adult community, and retreat for leisure-seeking souls from all walks of life.

Fountain of Youth continues to be a family-owned and operated resort, spanning three generations, for over 50 years. Our current management family is made up of the founders’ children and grandchildren. It is with the same small-town oasis, pioneering spirit that we strive to welcome all guests to the greater FOY Family, and into one of California’s best-kept secrets.

Accidental Unearthing

The story of Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort started long before the era of RVs. It really begins back in 1938, when construction workers building the All-American Canal unearthed hot water hidden beneath the desert floor. The workers quickly realized the water was too hot and too full of minerals to be used to mix concrete, so cooling ponds were constructed, and then left behind when the canal project was complete.

Rediscovered after World War II, these ponds became a “hot spot” for workers to bathe in after a long day of labor. These laborers recognized the therapeutic, healing effects of the hot artesian mineral water and quickly shared the news. It didn’t take long for word to spread, and by the late 1950s people from all over the country were camping by the hot mineral pools. One of these campers was Clyde Hays, a carpenter from Oregon who worked winters in the California desert. Clyde saw the potential of a community centered around the relaxing hot springs.

Fountain Foundations

To bring his vision to fruition, Hays suggested a local contractor, J.T. Trily,  add facilities and utilities in order to cater to therapy-seeking travelers. Trily, and prospector Frank Domeno, began a two-year process of collecting water samples to find the best spot to tap the springs. Once found, a well was drilled and began to produce 250 gallons a minute of 137 degree water.

It is that very well from which Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort was founded and is still supported today. While the world around, and the RVs have changed, Fountain of Youth continues to welcome winter snowbirds, kings of the road and weekend warriors seeking an active, fun, and rejuvenating community.

Come join us and discover your Fountain of Youth… We’ll see you in the spas!