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What is there to do around the Fountain of Youth?
First things first: bring your hiking boots and your most comfortable pair of walking shoes — and your flip-flops, just to be safe — you’re in for a unique mix of adventure, sightseeing, and exercise.

Tucked up against the Chocolate Mountain range, the Fountain of Youth is surrounded by some pretty incredible natural and man-made attractions for the curious traveler, the nature lover, or the avid photographer looking to capture some desert magic.

Aside from the overwhelming list of activities going on inside and around the park’s immediate vicinity, you’ll find most of these local hotspots within 30 minutes of the resort.

See our list below of the top destinations in our area to learn more about each attraction and what they have to offer. We’ll leave the exploring up to you, happy trails!



The Salton Sea, California’s Historic Great Lake

California is a huge state with a lot going on, all of the time. Between the mystical redwood forests, tremendous pacific coastline and vast expanses of valleys, mountain ranges and deserts, there’s A LOT to see.

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Salvation Mountain: Middle of Nowhere or the…

You might be asking yourself, “What is Salvation Mountain?” A giant man-made mountain in the middle of the Sonoran desert, constructed from thousands of gallons of paint, hay bales, adobe, and a whole lot of love.

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