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Joshua Trees National Park

A little over an hours drive from the Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort makes this attraction one you will want to spend some time at. And with all the things to see and do here. That should not be very hard.

Joshua Trees National Park is a massive park spreading over two separate desert regions. The Mojave and the Colorado. You will be hard pressed to spend over five minutes here without wanting to pull out your camera to take some amazing pictures.


First thing you will notice if the famous Joshua Tree itself. With its tangled and misshapen branches sprawling every which way, this 20 ft tall cactus will have you thinking you’re in some kind of Dr. Seuss desert fantasy. Couple that with giant sand colored boulders and vibrant wild flowers (depending on the month) and you have yourself and endless flood of photo opportunities.

If the desert heat it too much to bear, consider driving the Park Boulevard loop, starting from the west entrance to the north gate. This will take about one to two hours.

A good first stop is Hidden Valley, a low-key, one-mile walk through some of the most picturesque boulders in the area — smooth, bulbous rocks that look as if a giant toddler has dropped his marbles on the desert floor.
From there you can keep driving to Keys View, where you’ll get a 360 degree view of the valley floor, including the San Andreas Fault that runs through it.

Further along the Park Boulevard loop, you’ll pass one of the park’s most photographed boulders, Skull Rock. If you are willing to take a half-hour detour, you can dip south on Pinto Basin Road and follow signs for the Cholla Cactus Garden. It’s a glorious place to be at sunset when the furry cacti glow in the golden light.

The park has had its way of attracting all kinds of artists throughout the years. Noah Purifoy is one of said artists who has created the 10 acre outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture. This has become a major attraction in the area with thousands of people flocking to witness the artist’s larger than life installations.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in Joshua Tree’s quirky side, plan ahead and book a “Sound Bath” at the Integratron. During these sessions, visitors recline in a dome shaped room and are “bathed” in the smell of burning palo santo and harmonic sounds of quartz crystal bowls.

Partially funded by Howard Hughes, the two-story dome was built as a time machine. But decades after Van Tassel died, the Integratron was purchased by three sisters who declared the all-wood interior acoustically perfect and began hosting Sound Baths in the early 2000s.

Hiking, camping, climbing, art, music, food, and star gazing round out the list of amazing activities to enjoy in and around the parks vicinity. And being able to come back to the relaxing warm waters at the Fountain of Youth put a nice cap on an adventure filled day or weekend!