February 2020


Buckle up for the craziest month of the year at FOY!

February 4th we start off with the FOY has Talent Show at 7PM at Hayes Hall. The talent will be on display each following Tuesday at the same time until the end of the month.

Come get patriotic at the USA Potluck in Hayes Hall on Friday Feb 7th from Noon – 2pm and grab a date for the next night with both the Valentines Dance and another Classical Concert at 7pm as well.

That Sunday night we have the FOY favorite Sonoran Dogs Bluegrass Show at Hayes at 7pm. Tickets available for $10.

Buy your significant other something nice at the Valentines Flea Market in Hayes Hall from 8am to Noon with the Valentines day Steak and Lobster Dinner later that night. Contact the Cafe for details on availability.

After a night of romance, wake up and get festive the the famous FOY Parade Day. This year it is going to be a circus theme! We will meet in the town square at 10am. Parade route is available in the February Activities newsletter.

To cap off an amazing weekend, grab a ticket for the second annual FOY Balloon Ride in the morning followed by the Eagles Tribute Band that night. Balloon ride starts at 7am with tickets available through activities for $30 per person. The Eagles band is a Pub style show starting at 7pm with tickets available for $15.

Get artsy with us on on February 21st with the FOY Craft Fair at 9am in Hayes Hall with the Drama Club Spring Show starting at 7pm.
Pick and choose a crazy or mellow vibe the next night with your choice of the Sunset Dance 5-7pm in Hayes Hall with a Classical Show in Sunrise Hall at 7.

We end the month with a bang with a couple of big time concerts PLUS the Mardi Gras Street Party on the 25th. February 23rd we have the Bobby Patterson Band for $10 per person and February 26th join us at the Kenny Hess Concert. Tickets are $15.

Call the activities office at 888-800-0772 or check the activities calendars on the foyspa website for details by clicking the button below!

A Famous FOY Tradition!

For decades The Fountain of Youth has been putting out its annual parade. It’s a day every year for the different clubs and groups here at the park to dress up, dance around, and express themselves and their creativity.
This year the theme is “Circus” and we hope you come to check out the festivities.

The Parade starts 10 am on Feb 15th in the main town square.
Take a blast from the past to see what the FOY parade spirit is all about.

Here are some pictures from past parades dug up from the FOY archives.

More Sun Sales Promos!


We hope you already know about our Sun Sales 100% promo but now we have another sweet deal for you!

Permanent residents here at the park can now receive up to $1000 off of their annual rent when referring a new buyer to the Fountain of Youth!
Help us get the word out to your friends or family!

You get a friendly new neighbor AND $1000 savings! That’s hard to beat!
Contact Joe at the Sun Sales office for details.

UP, UP, AND, AWAY! pt.2

We told you about the FOY Balloon ride last month but we want to make sure you don’t miss out!

The FOY Balloon Ride will be happening this year Sunday, February 16, 7-9 AM. Tickets are $30 a piece.

Fantasy Balloon Rides will send a balloon out the the spa and we will be giving rides to anyone who wants to buy a ticket for the two hour window.
Get a full 360 degree view of the Salton Sea and surrounding FOY area! Contact the activities office at 888-800-0772 for details and ticket purchasing.